Gotta Catch Em All!

The Wassie Infestation is out of control. There are 10101 3D generated wassies wreaking havoc across the Solana Blockchain. The Degens are on a mission to save the Solana Ecosystem from these buggers. People think they're cute, alas they can be a menace.

invitation letter

You are reading this letter because you have been chosen to join an ancient movement established by the Degen Gods themselves.

The Degens have been around since the birth of humanity. We have been misunderstood, shunned and sometimes even outcasted from society.

But, the world as we know today is a product of degeneratism. We are the dreamers, the risk takers, the contrarians.

Is one world enough tho?
Why not the Multiverse?

There has never been a better time nor place for The Degens to shine.
“Degens Strong Together!”

Now let’s go hunt those wassies and first take over the Metaverse!


Our mission is very simple at the moment.

Hunt the Wassies and Domesticate them.

What should I do once I’ve caught them you ask?
Do what you want with them!

Some thoughts to help you get started:

  • -Get them to fetch you stuff around the house.
  • -Throw them into the air and use them as target practice for shooting.
  • -Use them as punching bags (they are quite resilient to torture mind you!)
  • -Get a job at mcdonalds. Get those lil fuckers to work there for you. Feed them and take all their pay. The more the wassies you put to work the more you make. (free money yo!)
Collection Total supply Price Release Date
The Genesis Collection 1010 2 SOL 10.10
The Base Collection 3030 TBD 11.11
The Wassies' Uprising 6060 TBD 12.12


  • Phase 1 :

    • Establish The Degens community on Twitter and Discord
    • Work on the Genesis Collection
    • Launch Website
    • Fair Launch of Genesis Collection
    • Listing of Genesis Collection on Secondary Marketplaces(TBA)
  • Phase 2 :

    • Genesis Holder Private Discord Launch
    • Work on the Base Collection
    • Start laying the foundation for a Private Marketplace (Made by Degens, for Degens)
    • Establish a DAO
    • Fair Launch of Base Collection
  • Phase 3 :

    • Make your Wassies work for you! (Defi Partnerships)
    • Work on Wassies’ Uprising
    • Merchandising Release
    • Fair Launch of Wassies’ Uprising
    • Metaverse Integration
    • Expand Marketplace to onboard other amazing projects!
  • Phase 4 :

    • To be announced.. (We have enough to work on for now eh!?)


If you hold 1 Genesis Wassie

1 NFT Airdrop from Base Collection

If you hold 2 Genesis Wassies

25% share of Royalties generated from Genesis Collection

If you hold 2 Genesis Wassies and 2 Based Wassies

25% share of Royalties generated from Base Collection

If you hold 1 Based Wassie

1 NFT Airdrop from Wassies’ Uprising Collection

If you hold 2 Based Wassies

25% of Royalties generated from Base Collection

If you hold 2 Genesis Wassies, 2 Based Wassies & 2 Wassies Uprising

25% share of Royalties generated from Uprising Collection

All Degens club members are entitled to:

- Free Airdrops from other NFT projects

- Early Spots for future drops & collabs

- Profit Sharing once our Marketplace is open to public

- Exclusive Merchandise

- Be a part of DAO

- Community Rewards